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This page answers some frequently asked questions on domain registration under the FJ domain.



How do I register?

Step 1: Click on Register on the navigation bar above, and follow the displayed instructions

Step 2: Send us payment

Step 3: Wait for our email confirmation when we complete the registration


What does it cost to register, renew, transfer?

USD100 for domain registration or transfer (one-off), and USD50 annual maintenance (renewal) thereafter.

For organisations with registered Fiji offices, the amounts are FJD100 and FJD50 respectively.

The maintenance may be paid in advance for up to 10 years (at the rate of 50 dollars per year).

How should I pay?

By cheque, made payable to "USP - ITS Domain Names". Personal cheques are not acceptable.

Mail to the postal address listed below.

Can you invoice us for the registration?

No, we do not issue any invoice for the initial registration.

What is your telephone contact?

+679 323 2117

What is your postal contact address?

USP - ITS Domain Names
IT Services
The University of the South Pacific

What is your facsimile (Fax) number?

+679 323 1533

I sent in my application weeks ago. Why haven't I heard anything about it?
  • We do not send any acknowledgement of receipt of the application.
  • We require payment in advance. If you did not send any payment, you will not get any response.
How long does it normally take to register a name?

We complete registration within 3 working days after payment has been received (provided everything else is in order).

What characters can a domain name have? How long can domain names be? Are there other restrictions on domain names?
  • Names are restricted to the following characters only: "A" - "Z", "a" - "z", "0" - "9" and "-" (hyphen or dash)
  • Upper case and lower case alphabetic characters are the same;
  • Names can be a minimum of 2 or a maximum of 63 characters (excluding any suffixes) long;
  • Names may not begin or end with a hyphen (dash);
  • Names we consider inappropriate will not be registered;
  • There is currently no other restriction on name composition.
Is there a limit to the number of domain names one organisation or person may register or a limitation as to where that organisation or person must be located in order to register a domain name?

Any person or organisation, from any country, may currently register any number of names. All name registrations are subject to our registration agreement and dispute resolution policy.

What sub-domains are available?

The following sub-domains are "open" to everyone for registrations:

Some restrictions apply as to who can register in the following sub-domains: - academic (educational) institutions of any kind (excluding primary and secondary schools) - Fiji Government Departments (Contact ITC,
Email: for more information) - Fiji Military - Primary and Secondary schools (Contact Connect, Email:, for free registration in this domain)

Can I register a name directly under .FJ?

Not at the moment.

How do I make changes to my already registered domain?

The domain name itself cannot be changed. (You have to register the new name you now want, and pay the full registration fee.)

To change any other information relating to the domain name, Login to the domain registration system, and make changes on-line.

A transfer fee is charged if the "owning" organisation or individual name is changed. There is no charge if any other information is changed.

What is your policy concerning trademarks and registration of names under .FJ?

All name registrations are subject to our registration agreement and dispute resolution policy.

Once I register my domain name, how do I get my web site, email, etc.?

You must obtain these services from your Internet service provider. We do not provide these services.

What is your email address?

Wherever possible, indicate the complete domain name in the "Subject:" line of your email.

Do you have a whois server?

Yes, there is an RFC954 compliant WHOIS server available on, and a web interface to it at

What happens to domain names that are not renewed by their expiry date?

Domain names that are not renewed by their expiry date are suspended for 28 days. Registrants may re-activate such names within this 28-day period by paying the full cost of a new registration.

Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the suspended (expired) names. Cancelled names are available to any party for (new) registration.




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